Express Winemakers, Ryan O'Meara, Mount Barker

Express Winemakers was born out of a love of Australian vineyards and European Winemaking. It is a collaboration between myself, Ryan and my good mate Pete. It is an idea that wine should express a sense of place.  Pete and I met while both studying Winemaking and Viticulture at Curtin University in Western Australia and went on to travel and work in far off regions before returning home to WA.

Our first stop was California where we worked in different wineries and got a taste for the excitement of the bourgeoning independent winemaking scene. From here, Pete returned home to concentrate on Western Australian vineyards while I gallivanted over to Europe to work in some amazing wine regions over a number of years, including Tuscany, Languedoc e Roussillon and the central Spanish regions of Toro and Rueda. As a flying winemaker I much preferred to learn from the locals than enforce what I had learnt at University.

On returning home, having made our fair share of bland commodity wines, and being plain to speak, bored shitless of it, we decided it wasn’t for us. We wanted to recreate the experiences we’d had abroad in Europe and California, and make wine with passion. So we sought out the best vineyards in WA to produce a range of exceptional single vineyard wines.

We have found some great growers and some vineyards that are easy to become passionate about and are constantly searching for exciting new vineyard sources, keeping an open mind to new regions and varieties as well as different styles of wine. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of conventional winemaking with our small batches, we like to think this is part of who we are and helps us create wines that are full of life and speak of time and place.

We hope you enjoy the wines and we invite you to come on this journey with us.